If You’re an IT Company, Consider These 10 Help Desk Software Solutions

With constantly growing customer demands, the number of customer service software for companies of different sizes and industries has become enormous. So, there’s no wonder it’s too difficult to choose only one variant, especially when each of them tries to be more exclusive and advanced at any rate.

Closer to our point, what should IT teams do when they are finally determined to use a perfect option for customer support? Consider using the options we suggest! Here is our list of best help desk software solutions that will help increase customer satisfaction level of an IT company.


Let’s be honest, who hasn’t heard about Zendesk and its services? This help desk software for IT companies is among the most popular options and for a good reason. Such a tool can manage almost anything in the business’ workflow. Having all the basic functions it manages to still refine them to a new level making them unique. Be it multichannel communication, advanced ticketing system, lead management or hundreds of integrations — Zendesk facilitates them all. The best thing is that it is possible to use this platform for free during the trial period. So, if you are ready for advanced feature-set corresponding pricing — what are you waiting for?

Jira Service Desk

Jira was specifically made with IT teams in mind and stays one of the best help desk software solutions. Let your employees eliminate mundane work and raise their productiveness to the top with a number of automation options for each department of your team. One of the other great features of Jira’s technology is an AI-powered bot which can adapt to your specific needs. Jira can also be used out-of-the-box providing all its functions like ticket prioritization, routing, assignment, and even more services from the get-go. Lastly, take advantage of the ability to set up a knowledge base to provide self-support options either for your customers or staff right from the start.

Salesforce Service Cloud

In case you’re looking for one of the help desk software solutions for a huge company, this one is perfect. Most of its features are tailored to enterprises, also including a great variety of automation tools for different parts of the workload. Service Cloud itself is well-maintained and guarantees the speed of its technology which is a crucial factor for businesses focused on fast case resolution. Salesforce also facilitates a mobile app, so you or the employees can access it whenever you need. One of the functions that will save your time and resources is canned responses. This is an automated message system that collects and gets the use of all your data archives to presents the most relevant solutions for customer tickets.


ServiceNow is concentrated on creating a cloud-based help desk software for IT companies that is easy-to-use and able to provide customer services relevant to most recent customer experience demands. Unlike Salesforce Service Cloud, it is mostly aimed at small businesses. The platform also can provide a huge number of metrics based on your team’s real-time performance. You should choose this one if security matters are a big deal for you. ServiceNow facilitates additional risk assessment systems, so your data will be completely safe. Their technology would also perfectly suit the needs of those who work with extremely sensitive information loads. The only minus can be its user interface. It is advanced due to the complex features and can be a little bit complicated for an inexperienced user.


If you are looking for reliable ITSM and customer service software, Freshservice is an award-winning platform. Its intuitive interface can be fully customized to any IT organization’s needs. The system also enables companies to provide multichannel support, including email, phone, chat, and social media, as well as a knowledge base. So, you get everything needed to fully upgrade your customer satisfaction rate. You also get detailed information on all changes in your assets and other resources in the reach of your hand together with a mobile app to enable your team to work all over the place. Freshservice comes up offering all the key functionalities for a business, such as advanced ticketing system, extensive knowledge base, incident, and also problem management. And the best part is that all of them are available to use during the free trial. So, Freshdesk is truly one of the best service desk software solutions.


You will find such opportunities for your desk customization nowhere but in Spiceworks. At the same time, it offers advanced tracking software and tools for viewing your assets and the complete control of your dashboard. Its set of features can seem not advanced enough, however, the system is completely free. So, if you are a startup IT company, get the hang of such great free solutions. Yes, Spiceworks is considered one of the best service desk software solutions for a good reason.

Help Scout

While the majority of service desk software solutions concentrate on ticketing systems and reporting tools, Help Scout is concerned with providing its unique mailbox system. Companies use it to be able to manage all customer tickets, communicate with them via numerous support channels, and support multiple brands. All these are well-arranged in a single dashboard, having several mailboxes, but a universal email address for the improvement of the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction level of your company. However, be ready to set up more expensive pricing plans to get more advanced functionality. Still, it’s not a big problem as the key features are not affected by the price.

Vision Helpdesk

This help desk is tailored to any organizations’ needs thanks to the simplicity of its user interface, robust facilities, and great reliability. Easily deal with everything you might need in your IT company, using asset, incident, problem, change, and release management tools. This way, you will indicate the roots of main issues and will be able to eliminate them once and forever. Another great feature is the knowledge base implementation. A knowledge base in Vision Helpdesk is a kind of a self-service portal that includes multi-level categorized articles that keeps your support team away from answering repetitive questions. This tool is simply one of the best among best service desk software solutions and will be helpful regardless of the size or peculiarities of your business activity.


SysAid is a help desk software for IT companies that simply offers all the essential IT tools and features within one help desk. Businesses can easily monitor the changes with their assets and improve the overall performance of the team with the help of simple but robust analysis, optimization, and tracking software. One of its unique features is called Industry Benchmarking. It means that the system predicts and gives advice based on your business and customer tendencies.

Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle is one of the service desk software solutions that will help your business develop a long-lasting relationship with your customers and ensure providing the best experience indeed. Its efficient tools like multi-channel support and cross-channel interactions will ensure your understanding of customers’ needs. Then, you will be able to delight them with the right solutions and decisions made on the basis of this functionality. Having a robust set of features, Oracle still provides a pretty intuitive user interface and a decent ticketing system. So, why not to try it out?

Bottom Lines

Having all these in mind, which of the help desk software solutions is the best? The answer is simple — you will never know until you try. So, that’s why it’s better to consider setting up a free trial with one of the options we proposed. You won’t be disappointed, we can tell! And regardless of your final choice of the future service desk solution, we hope our suggestions were helpful for you.

And in case you are determined with your choice and ready to move your records to a completely new help desk platform, we can help you. Among our companies services is an automated migration tool to make your data migration seamless and quick. Just set up a Free Demo on our website, it is very simple!



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